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Club Tryouts

Club Tryouts are held in both Spring and Fall for Our Teams. We always want to ensure your player is playing at the right level of competition.

The purpose of tryouts are to assess the playing level of your player but also to evaluate the type and level of coaching they require.


Tryout Structure –


We typically run 3 1-hour sessions back to back. These sessions focus on 1v1 situations, Passing Ability and Striking. This is to assess how well they interpret what is being asked of them but also to give them time to perfect what they are doing. This helps us assess how coachable a player is and also their level of play.

The final hour is game based. This allows our coaches to assess their behaviour in high pressure, game situations.

The Tryout atmosphere can be extremely intense and uncomfortable for players so we always ensure a positive relaxed environment. We want players to feel comfortable if they make a mistake and encourage them to give it their all and try new things.

Tryouts are free and no obligation to our teams.

You can pay and optional $50 Deposit to secure your place. This is reduced from your membership fee

If you are interested please Register for Tryouts HERE

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